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Because We Love James and Oliver Phelps

Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

Phelps Love!
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Welcome to phelps_love, a community dedicated to James and Oliver Phelps, also known as "those cute boys who play the Weasley twins!" They are indeed very good-looking, but they are also talented, generous, charming and wonderful to their fans! And that makes them even more attractive.

Here you will find anything and everything related to the Phelps brothers. News articles, pictures, links, icons-you name it. Even fanfiction about the twins is allowed here! I intend to keep this community as active as I possibly can. I will try and post something every day.

However, there is one thing I will NOT allow on this community: TWINCEST.
I know, I know. I'm oppressing freedom of speech. And I apologize if you are offended.
But this is my community. And I know that some people are into it, but the twins are NOT!

So let's respect their wishes and make this a twincest-free community!

This community is in the development stages, which means I will be promoting like crazy for the next few weeks.
However, please take a moment to read the rules!


1. When you join, introduce yourself! Make a little post telling us something about you:
First name:
Location (optional):
Picture of yourself (optional):
Why do you love the Phelps twins?:
Which twin is your favorite and why?:
Anything else you'd like to share?:

2. All posts must be related to James and Oliver Phelps or their characters Fred and George Weasley!

3. Play nice! I'm watching youuuu....*spooky voice*

4. Anything with adult content must be put behind an LJ-cut! To make an LJ-cut: In rich-text mode, click the icon with three straight lines and one jagged line. Put your post in the gray box!

5. Have fun! Yes...I'm sorry...You HAVE to have fun. It's a bummer, I know.


Your friendly mod, olivers_ace.